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DMV's Contribution to the NBA

By Dr. Sheryl with Pennington Greene

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What Texas and Florida is to football the DMV is to basketball.  The NBA's vibrant and longstanding worldwide success is largely due to the consistent output of urban "DC" ballers.  Notwithstanding the unknown basketball magicians of the playground--that will require an additional article.  Since 2005 the NBA player draft pick per capita is the highest in the nation.  This well-oiled machine called "DC" basketball sits on a small parcel of land known as the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). Tim Zillner of SB-Nation analyzed the overwhelming production through heat source mapping.  The chart shows birth places of NBA players born since 1980.
New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, and Philadelphia were no surprise, with nods to the Bay Area, Seattle, Dallas Houston, Indianapolis, Detroit, and New Orleans.  The manifesto of precision and grind from Washingtonians has an extraordinary rate with current and former players born in DMV.  They're roughly 130 players from the area that have played in the league.  DMV is unique in comparison to the top three producing states of Illinois, California, and New York based upon size.

The impressive thing about the area is its ability of its player to excel in every level.
Here are DMV categories of excellence:
College Players of the Year
Division One: Elgin Baylor, Austin Carr, Adrian Dantley, Johnny Dawkins, Dave Robinson, Danny Ferry, Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley, Nolan Smith, Thomas Robinson, and Victor Oladipo.
Division Two: Archie Talley, Jeff Covington, and Bootney Green.

NBA Picks
NBA 1st Draft Pick: Elgin Baylor, Fred Hetzel, Austin Carr, Dave Robinson.
NBA 2nd Draft Pick: Len Bias, Danny Ferry, Steve Francis, Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley, and Victor Oladipo.
NBA Rookie of Year: Elgin Baylor, Dave Bing, Adrian Dantley, Dave Robinson, Grant Hill, Steve Francis and Kevin Durant.
NBA Top Scorers: Elgin Baylor, Dave Bing, Adrian Dantley and Kevin Durant.
NBA Hall of Fame: Earl Lloyd, Dallas Shirley, Elgin Baylor, Dave Bing, Morgan Wooten, John Thompson, Sr. and Adrian Dantley.

NBA DMV Roster List:
Thurl Bailey, Tim Bassett, John Battle, Michael Beasley, Dave Bing, Austin Carr, Kenny Carr, Randolph Childress, Durante Cunningham, Adrian Dantley, Johnny Dawkins, Sherman Douglas, Kevin Durant, John Duren, Rudy Gay, Eric Green, Jeff Green, Roy Hibbert, Anthony Jones, Eddie Jordan, Ty Lawson, Cedric Lewis, Sidney Lowe, Bill Martin, Kendall Marshall, Roger Mason, Mike Morrison, Lawerence Moten, Moochie Norris, Curtis Perry, Dominic Presley, Thomas Robinson,  Skeeter Swift, Fatty Taylor, Willie Allen, Justin Anderson, John Austin, Eddie Basden, Keith Bogans, Adrian Branch, Jamison Brewer, Patrick Ewing, Jr. Danny Ferry, Joe Forte, Harold Fox, Steve Francis, Jerami Grant, Jerian Grant, Fred Hetzel, Tracy Jackson, Johnny Jones, Joe Kennedy, Linas Kleizia, Chris McCray, Jerrod Mustaf, Victor Oladipo, Don Reid, Dickey Simpkins, Larry Spriggs, Mike Sweeney, John Turner, David Vanterpool,  Greivis Vasquez,  Delonte West,  Rodney White, Hawkeye Whitney, Bernie Williams, Walt Williams,  Lonnie Baxter, Randolph Childress, Hubert Davis, Kenton Edelin, Grant Hill, John Hummer, Michael Palmer, Dave Robinson, Dennis Scott, James White, Othell Wilson, Sam Young, Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje, Jerry Chambers,  Robert Churchwell, Jack George, Claude Gregory, Keith Herron, Donald Hodge, Tom Hoover, Collis Jones, Earl Jones, Bobby Lewis, Curtis Perry, Bernard Robinson, Louis Bullock, Craig Shelton, Tom Sluby, Charles Smith, Michael Smith, John Thompson, John Tresvant,  Anthony Tucker, Ben Warley, Donald Washington, Kermit Washington, Stan Washington, Duck Williams, Chris Wright and Larry Wright.

The Originals 
The districts hustle on the court was founded in forefathers of the game--Earl "Big Cat" Lloyd and Elgin "Rabbit" Baylor both power forwards--one from the District, the other from Alexandria, VA.
Earl F. Lloyd was the first Black to play in the NBA. He played for Washington Capitals and was the first Black bench coach for the Detroit Piston were he ended his career in 1972. Lloyd named the CIAA Player of The Decade in 1940's.  He passed away February 26, 2015 in Crossville, Tennessee. He enjoyed a stellar career as an athlete, humanitarian and unprecedented mentor to the game of basketball. 
Elgin Baylor, the originator of Hangtime also deemed "Rabbit" provided the sport with solid fundamentals and flare!  Before there was Julius "Dr. J" Erving, Michael "His Airness" Jordan and Lebron "King" James; there was Elgin Baylor, 6'5" spectacular DC baller and the man who brought Showtime west of the Mississippi to Los Angeles.  Duly noted in the NBA TV documentary DOC, Julius Erving gives homage to Baylor as the player after whom he modeled his game.  At 81, Baylor is still thriving-- a life worthy of celebration in Seattle's Key arena Elgin Baylor’s Alma Mater gymnasium is named in his honor.  These men gave rich traditions to serve as a continued road map for basketball. Over the years it's profile of regulations, mechanics and the increasing ambition of economics have impacted the dynamics of basketball.  Included in the 30 NBA teams is the ongoing significance of the DMV.

The NBA: Through the Eyes of Penny Greene

* Houston Rockets. Ty Lawson: All Met, College All American, National Championship. 
Ty Lawson is the fastest guard in the league. Double-double machine for the past 5 years
In my opinion most underrated point guard in the league--made a BIG mistake going to Houston!  Why? Harden is in love with the Ball, no place for a traditional point guard. Ty Lawson falls in the speed category with other "DC" point guards like Cheese Holloway, Harold Fox, Wil Jones, George Leftwich, Phillip Scott, Jeffrey Harris, Sonny Jackson, Reggie Greene, Mocha Norris, Earl Davis, Linwood Davis, Alfonso Adair, Ray Hite, Craig Davis, Tyrone Jones, Mickey Wiles, Tre Kelly, Rip Scott, Mike Mundy, Milton Lundy, Donnell Bullock, Chink Gray and Tyrone Scott.
* Sacramento Kings. Rudy Gay: All Met, College All American, 2014 FIBA World Cup Games (represented well).  In my opinion one of the most versatile and explosive players in the league. He will DUNK on you!
* Brooklyn Nets. Jarrett Jack: PG County Boy! All ACC. A no-nonsense pro who will bust you, on any given night!  Jack should have won "Sixth Man of the Year" 2012-2013 at Golden State.  He gave MVP Steph Curry a season high 28 points, on November 14, 2015. Jarrett Jack follows in the footsteps of the rough & rugged "DC” guards like John Duren, Apple Milam, Delonte West, Aubrey Nash, Kenny Payne, David Hawkins, Mark Nickens, Charles Campbell, Bill Butler, Tom Little, Hawkeye Whitney and Micheal Oliver.
* Brooklyn Nets. Thomas Robinson: All American, NCAA Championship finalists. In my opinion he could be a Double-double machine if he lands on the right NBA team.  He is not a stretch four like most NBA teams are looking for. I think he is Old School Big Man, when it comes to work in the paint.
* New York Knicks. Jerian Grant: All-Met, DeMatha grad, college All-American. In my opinion having a great rookie year with the Knicks. He is a very versatile player, with an "Old School IQ" for the game. His future looks bright!
*Philadelphia 76ers. Jerami Grant: All-Met DeMatha grad. In my opinion he is a solid player and very athletic!
*Philadelphia 76ers. Kendall Marshall: All-Met, High School and College All-American. Coached by Joe Wooten. "I have watched this young man play, he has a gift for passing the rock. If he can tighten up his jump shot he will have a long professional career." "Old School" point guard. He reminds you of the "DC" old school point guards Sidney Lowe, Sherman Douglas, Tommie Amaker, Charlie Smith, Kevin Scarborough, Grayson Marshall, Fatty Taylor, Cricket Williams, Toney Ellis, Jan Panell, Mike Mcnally, Penny Greene, Brian Ellerbe, Bernie Williams, Jeff Baxter, Rodney Wright, Charles Harrison and Ed Jordan.
* Dallas Mavericks. Justin Anderson: All Met, Coached by Stu Vetter. A fundamental solid player.
*LA Clipper. Jeff Green: All Met, College All American. Jeff’s game in my opinion is as smooth as a baby's bottom. A highlight freak show in Boston. He will, DUNK on you! Slowed only by his heart surgery in LA he should experience a "new birth" with Chris Paul now as an LA Clipper. Other smooth versatile forwards are Adrian Branch, Lenny Bias,Herb Estes,Keith Herron,Larry Herron,Garcia Hopkins,Bernard Robinson,Monty Williams,Sam Young,.Mike Morton.Anthony Jones,Jerry Chambers, Grant Hill, Jerrod Mustaf and Glenn Price.
* New Orleans Pelicans. Dante Cunningham: “DC H.S. Player of the Year” In my opinion is the ultimate pro, tough as nails , continuing the footsteps of tough "DC" rebounders, Earl Lloyd, Elgin Baylor, Curis Perry, Kermit Washington, Kenny Carr, Michael Smith, Sid Catlett, Tim Basset,  Donald Washington, Merlin Wilson, Collis Jones, Michael Graham, Gordon Stiles, Floyd Lewis, Craig Shelton, Kenny Sanders, Matt Gnatt and James Brown.
*Milwaukee Bucks Greivis Vasquez: All Met, college All-American. In my opinion a very clever player, with a herky-jerky-style and a BIG Heart! He played great in New Orleans and Toronto. Unfortunately injury took him out for three to four months this season. Other clever guards from the DMV are Duck Williams Ducky Vaughn, Stacey Robinson,Jerry McDaniels, Billy Byrant, Dave Reavis, Derrick Whittenberg, Greg Jones, Frank Ross, Pat Dosh, Johnny Rhodes and Earl Moore.
Los Angeles Lakers. Roy Hibbert: After entering the NBA he developed his game year by year. The 2012-13 playoffs was good for Roy, he made the 2014 All-Star game as a result. In my opinion Roy lost interest playing with Paul George and Lance Stevenson, he then blamed his teammates for being selfish. In the past two years his game has fallen off. I think he needs to find a new team and some fresh air. Other big men Tarzan Spencer, John Thompson, Tom Hoover, Steve Castellan, Art Beatty, Donald Hodge, Herb Gray, Perry Clark, Cecil Rucker, Justin Ellis, James Gregory, Ed Ratiff, David Butler, Sylvester Charles, Darryl Prue, Dave Robinson, Cedric Lewis.
Orlando Magic. Victor Oladipo: All Met, DeMatha graduate,” College Player of the Year”, I love his intense playing style. In my selfish observation the boy plays hard, a real beast. If he continues to play hard he will be a NBA All-Star in the next couple years. Smooth jumper and explosive to the hole. "DC" players with similar traits. Jo Jo Hunter, Lyndon “Black” Debellotte, Delonte “Nut” Taylor, John Battle, Lamont Reid, Billy Gaskins, Lloyd Mayes and Johnny Dawkins.
* OKC Thunder. Kevin Durant: All Met High School and College All American, Rookie of the Year, NBA Four Time Scoring Champ. In my opinion Kevin is a bad-bad man. His personal stats: 50% FG, 90% FT, 40% 3 Pt.--says it all.  "DC” players are known for creating wet buckets for America. Kevin is in great company of scorers from "DC" Elgin Baylor, Austin Carr, John Austin, Adrian Dantley, Lawrence Moten, James Tillman, Curt Smith, Archie Talley, Randolph Childress, Dennis Scott, and Louis Bullock.  


NBA Coaches 
* Monte Williams: All Met, college All American, Head Coach of New Orleans Pelicans. In my opinion he was a great head coach in New Orleans and should have never been fired.  He made the playoffs last year with more player injury games than any other team. As result of his departure, New Orleans is now struggling without him.  OKC got a great assistant coach in Monte Williams! Our condolences to him and his family on the recent passing of his wife.
*Sidney Lowe: DeMatha grad, High School and College National Championship winner.  He was always a coach on the floor; coaching in the NBA was a natural evolution for Sidney.
David Vanterpool: All Met, MO County's finest; David paid his dues to the game of basketball.  He is a sharp guy and great coach.


I'm Penny Greene a DC baller, dedicated to the integrity of the game of basketball; this is my opinion of DMV ballers in the NBA.

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3000 Points Club: Archie Talley, Salem 3720 2000 Points Club: Jack Sullivan, Mount Saint Mary 2672, Dave Robinson, Navy 2669, Austin Carr, Notre Dame 2560, Johnny Dawkins, Duke 2556, Jeff Covington, Youngstown State 2424, Carlos Yates, George Mason 2420, Gene Littles,High Point College 2398, Lawrence Moten, Syracuse 2334, Chris McGuthrie. Mount Saint Mary 2297, Greg Saunders, St Bonnies 2238, Louis Bullock, Michigan 2224, Adrian Dantley, Notre Dame 2223, Kenny Saunders, George Mason 2177, Randolph Childress, Wake Forest 2208, Keith Herron, Villanova 2170, Danny Ferry, Duke 2156, Len Bias, Maryland, 2149, Dennis Scott, Georgia Tech 2115, David Hawkins, Temple 2077, Sherman Douglas, Syrcuse 2060, Fred Hentzel, Davidson 2032, Adrian Branch, Maryland 2017 50 Points Club: Archie Talley / Salem College / 11 times / 4 TIMES IN ONE WEEK, Austin Carr/ Notre Dame / 9 times, Elgin Baylor / Seattle / 2 times, Danny Ferry / Duke / 58/ 1time, Will Jones / American University 54 / 1 time, Fred Hetzel / Davidson / 53/ 1 time, Dave Robinson / Navy/ 50 /1time, Jack Sullivan / Mount St.Marys / 50 / 2 times, Jack Sullivan / Mount St.Marys / 40 / 6 times 40 Points Club: Austin Carr / Notre Dame / 23 times, Archie Talley / Salem College / 20 times, Elgin Baylor / Seattle College / 4 times, John Austin / Boston College / 4 times, Fred Hetzel / Davidson College / 4 times, Dave Robinson / Navy / 4 times, Dave Bing / Syracuse / 3 times, Michael Beasley / Kansas State / 3 times, Adrian Dantley / Notre Dame / 3 times, Kenny Carr / Nc State / 3times, Jerry Chambers / Utah / 3 times, Will Jones / American U./ 2 times, Greg Sanders / St Bonnies / 2 times, Bob Lewis / North Carolina /2 times, Scottie Reynolds / Villanova / 2 times, Danny Ferry / Duke / 1 time, Bob Whitmore / Notre Dame / 1 time, Collis Jones / Notre Dame / 1 time, Jeff Covington / Youngstown State / 1 time, Randolph Childress / Wake Forest / 1 time, Ronnie Hogue / Georgia / 1 time, Eugene Oliver / South Alabama / 1 time, Carlos Yates / George Mason / 1 time, Monte Williams / Norte Dame / 1 time, Hawkeye Whitney / Nc. State / 1 time, Lenny Bias / Maryland U / 1 time, David Hawkins / Temple / 1 time, Kermit Washington / American / 1 time, Skeeter Swift / East Tenn.State / 1 time NBA Rookie of Year: Elgin Baylor- Spingarn, Dave Bing- Spingarn, Adrian Dantley- DeMatha, Dave Robinson- Woodbridge, Grant Hill- South Lake, Steve Francis-, Kevin Durant- Montrose Christian NBA Hall Of Fame: Earl Lloyd, Dallas Shirley, Elgin Baylor, Dave Bing, Morgan Wooten, John Thompson Sr., Adrian Dantley Assist Club: Sherman Douglas - Syracuse U. / 22 assist, Kelvin Scarborough - New Mexico / 21 assists, Grayson Marshall - Clemson U. / 20 assists, Jan Panell - Oklahoma U. / 18 assists, Sidney Lowe - N.C. State / 18 assists, Brian Ellerbe - Rutgers U. / 16 assists, Charlie Smith - Georgetown U. / 16 assists, Jay Gallagher - Mount St. Mary’s / 15 assists, Penny Greene - U. of South Florida / 15 assists, Moochie Norris - West Florida / 15 assists, Harold Fox - Jacksonville U. / 14 assists, Stan Washington - San Diego / 14 assists, Toney Ellis - Colorado / 13 assists, Cricket Williams - Jacksonville U. / 13 assists, Michael Jackson - Georgetown / 13 assists, John Duren - Georgetown / 13 assists, Steve Francis - Maryland / 13 assists, Eddie Jordan - Rutgers / 13 assists, Tom Amaker - Duke / 13 assists
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